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Epi Ying Releases Spring Travel Trend Report: Outbound Travel Resumes Exceeding Expectations, and Spring May Meet Its First Peak

Date: 2023-03-22

As cross-border travel policies continue to be "deregulated" and international flights resume in bulk, the confidence and aspirations of Chinese people for outbound travel are skyrocketing, and China's outbound tourism industry may usher in its first peak this spring. According to data from Aibiying China, the number of Chinese tourists planning to travel abroad in the spring of 2023 has exceeded the same period in the spring of 2022 by more than twice, and is steadily increasing.

The Asia Pacific destinations continue to dominate the list, with Indonesia and Thailand equally matched, while the European destinations have recovered strongly and have surpassed the same period before the epidemic.

The new generation of travel methods is also sprouting in spring: travel with friends in groups of three or five, with quality and value for money; Traveling on alternate peaks or staying in various places, striving to be authentic.

We are pleased to see that since the beginning of 2023, China's outbound tourism has grown rapidly, far exceeding the industry's expectations. As a global homestay platform, Abiying will actively promote the two-way travel between Chinese travelers and the world. On the occasion of the Spring Equinox, we are launching a spring integrated marketing campaign with the theme of "Welcome to Aibi, the World Opens for You", comprehensively mobilizing resources such as creative marketing, social media, incentives and subsidies, to create an excellent outbound travel experience for Chinese travelers.

Asia Pacific destinations continue to be hot and flowering at multiple points

The European destination has officially returned, with fever exceeding that of the same period before the epidemic

From the chilly spring to the warm spring and blooming flowers, the geothermal intensity of the Asia Pacific region, which has the first-mover advantage, continues to rise. The number of Chinese users planning to travel to Asia and Oceania this spring has more than tripled compared to the same period last year. Indonesia and Thailand continue to dominate the rankings, leading the explosive growth of the Asia Pacific region. At the same time, the search craze in destinations such as Japan, New Zealand, and South Korea is also rising sharply. Although there are still some inconveniences, Epeying users have actively started outbound travel planning and are gearing up for spring travel.

The top ten Asian Pacific cities with the fastest spring search fever are Sumei, Bangkok, Bali, Kyoto, Tokyo, Phuket, Pattaya, Osaka, Seoul, and Sydney.

Experienced outbound travelers have turned their attention to Europe. According to data from Aibiying, the popularity of housing search in Europe in the spring of 2023 has returned to the level of the same period in 2019 before the epidemic, with nearly 40% of users searching for accommodation in Europe. The European continent has officially returned to the perspective of Chinese tourists.

The ten European countries with the fastest year-on-year rebound in spring heat include Spain, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Portugal, the United Kingdom, and Norway. Among them, Barcelona, Rome, Paris, Milan, and London are among the top five cities, attracting Chinese tourists to visit again with their unparalleled historical heritage and cultural atmosphere.

Three or five friends finally made it

To sit on the mountains and seas, it is also necessary to provide superior value for money

The long awaited journey of "going abroad to play together" for young people has finally completed, and we look forward to connecting with the world in the first time! According to data from the Aibiying platform, multi-person travel with three or more people was the fastest growing type of travel in the spring of 2023, with the most popular type of "no child" multi-person travel. Young millennials and Gen Z have become the main force of spring outbound travel, "retaliating" to make up for late graduation trips and sisterly times.

In addition to emotional connection, another key word for multiplayer travel is cost sharing. In Aibiying, three or five friends can "own" a winery or even "own" a castle. According to the platform data, in the past 80% of spring, the per capita room and night cost of searching for the target housing source is below 350 yuan, and both the student party and the moonlight clan can enjoy a high-quality outbound spring tour with peace of mind.

Judging from the hot search for housing resources, this spring, people are particularly eager to sit on the mountains and seas and get close to nature. The popularity of the spring season is significantly higher than that of other seasons, and the classification of Aibiying's characteristic houses includes:

1) Enter the mountains and stay in "original ecology", "stunning scenery", "rural homestay", and "farm homestay"

2) Rush to the sea and live in "surfing resorts", "near the beach" homestays, and "charming swimming pools"

Gen Z, please note that there are a large number of hot search classified listings and affordable treasure destinations including 2:

1) Brazil, France, Spain, Italy, Croatia in the mountains

2) The Philippines, Malaysia, Chile, Vietnam, Brazil in the maritime system

Traveling and living in different directions at different peaks

Travel to be authentic

When traveling abroad again, people are no longer satisfied with taking a quick look at the flowers, but yearn for a deeper, authentic, and authentic travel experience.

Firstly, travel time is no longer limited to public holidays in China, but rather focuses on the best travel times such as traditional festivals and cultural events in the destination area. According to data from Abbeying China, more than 50% of spring searches are for non Tomb Sweeping Day and the Golden Week of May Day. On the destination side, taking Thailand as an example, more than 20% of users choose to visit Thailand before and after the Water Splashing Festival, play water with local residents, celebrate the Thai New Year, and make a special trip to participate in the annual Water Splashing Festival in Bangkok, creating unforgettable travel moments for themselves.

On the other hand, people's journeys are getting longer, with nearly five adults planning to stay in a single apartment for at least seven days among users searching for outbound trips this spring. The "telecommuting" policy implemented by many Internet companies and other emerging industry enterprises, including Abiying, is increasingly normalizing this "living in four directions" travel method, and is particularly popular with young people. Among Chinese users who search for medium to long-term accommodations for seven days or more, about seven have become millennials and Z-generations. Their favorite spring destinations are Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, and France.